Truck Bed Extenders

Hitch Rack® Bed Extender (Formerly known as the Hitch Hand)
Extend your truck's capacity with the Hitch Rack® (Formerly known as the Hitch Hand) truck bed extender from Deflecta-Shield Aluminum. Featuring side wings that adjust from 27" - 49" to allow you to carry full sheets of plywood or drywall, as well as a hefty 750 lb. cargo distributed-load capacity, the Hitch Rack includes a 1/4" wall, patented support bar providing 7" of added ground clearance. Side supports fold down to create portable sawhorse or worktable. Fits in standard 2" tow-receiver hitches.
Amp Research Bed X-Tender Distributed by Bestop®
Add extra length to your truck bed with the Bed X-Tender™, invented and built by AMP Research, and nationally distributed by Bestop®. Made of high-impact nylon composite components and 6000 series aircraft aluminum. This Bed X-Tender™ is extremely lightweight, yet tough enough to use as a bench. Weighing only 9.5 lbs, the Bed X-Tender™ is ideal for carrying ATV's, motorcycles, bikes and any long cargo. It's also easy to install, use and remove. Designed for compact, midsize, and fullsize standard or narrow bed trucks.