Husky Gear Box Interior Storage

Husky Gear Box Interior Storage
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Husky GearBox, Vehicle Interior Storage Systems. The Husky GearBox® enables you to gather up loose items and store them. This unique interior storage system, provides under seat storage for many pickup trucks utilizing otherwise unused space. Your Truck will remain neat and organized, additionally your stuff won't get thrown about with sudden stops, or when children or pets need to use the back seat. Each Husky under seat storage box is specially engineered for a specific model of truck. Custom fit, offering maximum storage for every application. The Interior storage box contains removable dividers, which makes it simple to organize both big and small items. Ideal for jumper cables, tools, emergency kits, sports gear, maps, and far more. The Husky storage box is a great place to store things from prying eye, keeping them out of sight and out of mind. The Husky GearBox® boasts a black textured finish for a great factory stock styling and its made of co-extruded materials, giving a ridged durable substrate for soft impact-resistant surfaces with some noise reduction properties. Husky has designed and manufactured the Gear Box in the USA and offers Lifetime Guarantee against cracking or breaking. Husky GearBox®, Vehicle Interior Storage Systems.
  • Organize and store loose items out of sight.
  • Large Capacity with removable dividers.
  • Specifically designed to fit your vehicle.
  • Noise reducing impact resistant surface.
  • Black textured finish for the factory look.