Mercedes M Class Parts and Accessories

Mercedes M Class Parts and Accessories
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Find parts and accessories for improved looks, for smoother operation, or replacement of worn out parts. Mercedes M Class parts and accessories.

ShurTrax Traction Control Aid

When filled with 3 inches of water from your garden hose, the Shur Trax adds up to 400lbs of handling traction weight over your rear axle, where it's most needed. Four brass grommets add additional saftey allowing for safe, secure weight that improves vehicle balance, handling, cornering, and traction on wet, slippery roads.

ShurTrax answers the safety concerns of alternative sources of weight such as sandbags, concrete blocks, cord wood and other potential projectiles. ShurTrax includes all fittings for simple filling and draining. No need to worry about carrying cargo on top of ShurTrax, it has been tested to support 500lbs. Baffles are “die-electrically welded” into place to prevent surging during cornering. ShurTrax integrity is protected by a super tough 25 mil vinyl outer chamber. This outer chamber vinyl is UV resistant and reinforced with woven nylon mesh for long service. Our inner chamber is also 25 mil, and flexes, enabling a smooth ride and improved handling. Full three year, “no-hassle” warranty against any defects in material and workmanship.

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Mercedes-Benz SnowBuster Winter Windshield Protector

Introducing the SnowBuster™ for Mercedes-Benz! This Custom fit snow windshield cover offers snow and ice protection for your Mercedes-Benz SL500,600 + SL55 & SL65 AMG front window. A patented design secures the cover to the outside of the windshield and has an anti theft feature and handles that you lock inside your vehicle. The SnowBuster is made from a polyester fabric that laminated with a silver aluminum mylar film so it won't rip or tear and snow and ice won't stick to it! This silver mylar material was developed for the space program and is popular as a thermal barrier and heat reflector as well. So get out your SnowBuster, cover your windshield and eliminate scraping the snow and ice off your car in the cold winter months. Even if you install your SnowBuster™ over a wet windshield and the temperature drops to freezing, the fabric will not stick or crack. Keep your Mercedes-Benz SL500,600 + SL55 & SL65 AMG windshield free from snow and ice buildup.

Simply cover your vehicle any time you park it to keep snow and ice build up off the windshield, when you need to use the car, simply open the doors and remove the cover. Any snow and Ice will fall right off, roll it back up and store it the back seat or trunk! It doesn't get any easier than this!

This product is better then the once popular Sno-Off Window Cover (that cover was a universal cover) it's custom fit, trimable, and made from a superior material.

  • Eliminates scraping
  • Easy to install
  • Silver Finish
  • Custom Fit
  • Locking Handles
Mercedes M Class Floor Mats, Liners and Cargo TraysWestin Aluminum<br>Alloy Fuel Doors

Locking Fuel Door - Chrome Plated or Brushed Aluminum

Insert the magnetic key and feel the "Flip" of the fuel door and you'll know this is no ordinary spring-actuated device. A cam lobe turns as you open the door for a firm, fluid motion which is one of those subtle refinements that is the hallmark of Westin's products. Sturdy cast solid machined billet aluminum with simulated rivets. Easy no-drill installation makes this a "must-have" add-on.


  • The unique patented cam action device allows for a precise, compact fit to the truck body.
  • Sturdy billet aluminum construction and a brushed aluminum or heavy chrome plate finish provides protection from the elements.
  • Simulated rivets require no drilling
  • Will work with automatic locking systems
  • 5-Year Warranty for Brushed Aluminum
  • Lifetime Warranty for Chrome Plate


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    Cobra Tubular Products for <br> 1998-2006 Mercedes M-Class
    Step Bars / Running Boards
    Floor & Cargo ProtectionA MUST SEE ~ Lots & Lots of<br>Semi-Custom & Universal Products
    Splash Guards / Mud Flaps
    <font color="red">Clearance Items</font> <br>Tubular Step Bars<br>Side Bed Rails <br>OEM Splash Guards<br>and More!
    Mercedes Fender Flares by EGR
    Mercedes Fender Flares by EGR 98-01-mclass-egr-fender-flares
    Texas Saddlebags Consoles
    Texas Saddlebags Inc. is the largest manufacturer of upholstered aftermarket consoles in the United States. They take pride in designing and building innovative, quality products and are always striving to put the finest product on the market.
    These premium wood console organizers are hand made in the USA. They are padded and upholstered in durable original equipment quality vinyl. These quality organizers provide hidden storage for your valuables and will last for many years to come.
    Custom Sunshields by CoverKing

    CoverKing Custom Sunshields -
    Keep Your Vehicle Cooler and Protect your Interior from Sun Damage.

    Sunshields are very popular, used by many motorists to block the sun's damaging UV rays and prevent heat build up inside their parked vehicles. Sunshields have evolved from foldout cardboard pieces to more advanced laminated materials which do a better job of reflecting UV rays and have a longer life

    Coverking saw a market for consumers who were not satisfied by the universal fit of most sunshields. Coverking introduced a line of Custom Sunshields more than 10 years ago, made of the highest quality materials and cut precisely to the exacting contours of a vehicle's windshield.

    Coverking Custom Sunshields have proved to be a very popular accessory. Unlike the "bubble wrap" sunshades available, Coverking offers a high quality tri-laminated material cut to exacting standards and finished with a black felt edging.

    Because this is a custom item, lead time is 1-2 wks and cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

    Find Your Custom Sunshield:

    Coverking Custom Sunshield

    A Custom Sunshield seems like a very simple concept, but the execution of that concept is quite complicated. To achieve optimum reflection and insulation of heat and UV rays, most materials are still and not able to fold or roll. Coverking developed a special high density foam which has excellent insulation properties, and laminated it between two layers of Mylar. The outer layer is Mylar with an aluminized coating, which reflects virtually all UV rays. The inside layer is plain Mylar, which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer. These three layers work together to provide the best heat and UV reflection, insulate against heat, and withstand numerous folding and rolling while maintaining rigidity to hold it's shape while on the windshield.

    Installation and removal are a snap. Installation is simply unrolling the Custom Sunshield and placing it against the vehicle's windshield. Because the Custom Sunshield is cut to precisely the windshields shape, the surrounding frame holds the sunshield in place. Removal is just as simple, remove the sunshield, roll it up, and apply the velcro strap to keep it in place.

    Pattern Design

    The custom fit along with the material is what sets Coverking Custom Sunshields apart from others. Coverking places a great deal of importance on it's custom patterns. With a full time staff of professional pattern makers and advanced computer aided design (which was pioneered in the custom auto accessory field be Coverking 20 years ago), Coverking has the tools to assure a consistent, perfect fitting Custom Sunshield. All Coverking Custom Sunshield patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle windshield using sophisticated software. The process of making a Custom Sunshield pattern takes hours but results in a perfect compliment to the original vehicle's windshield.


    Coverking Custom Sunshields are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Far from a "sweatshop", Coverking Custom Sunshields are made by people who enjoy Medical Insurance, ample opportunities for advancement, and more than a livable wage.

    Unfortunately, well paid and happy employees often mean an expensive product. Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and happiness high. A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality at prices often associated with third-world labor.

    Because this is a custom item, lead time is 1-2 wks and cannot be returned for credit or exchange.

    Find Your Custom Sunshield:
    Custom Fit CoverKing DashCovers

    The Best Fitting Custom Dashboard Covers

    Dash Covers are a popular accessory in the sunbelt states to combat the damaging effects of the sun, reduce dangerous sun glare and enhance a vehicle's interior. A proper fitting Custom Dash Cover will soften the plastic look of a vehicle's interior and provide protection to the driver and vehicle dashboard.
    Custom Rear Deck Covers, a related accessory, covers the rear deck area of a vehicle behind the rear seats. Generally, Custom Rear Deck Covers are not available for trucks, SUVs, vans and hatchback cars. Custom Rear Deck Covers are available in the same materials and fabrics as Custom Dash Covers.
    A new variation on the Custom Dash Cover by Coverking is the Molded Dash Cover. This is a thermo-formed carpet Dash Cover. It is molded to the exact shape of the dashboard, resulting in a perfect fitting cover with no stitching - this is the "ultimate" Custom Dash Cover.

    What's Important in a Custom Dash Cover?

    A Custom Dash Cover is a very conspicuous accessory - it is clearly visible to the driver and front passenger. Therefore, fit and appearance are the most important qualities of a Custom Dash Cover. The fit is a result of the Custom Dash Cover's pattern design, construction and materials. Coverking offers several enhancements to it's line of fine fitting Custom Dash Covers. These include a wide selection of designer print materials.
    Luxurious and elegant, Velour is a perfect choice for luxury vehicles. It is available in several colors to compliment the interior of most vehicles. Velour is also available in our Custom Seat Covers, offering a matching interior.


    Coverking established the two most popular materials on the market; Poly-Carpet and Velour. Since then, Coverking has added Designer Velour and has added enhancements such as Lit Neon Edging. Coverking offers Custom Seat Covers in several materials and colors. If you would like, a sample swatch ring of material can be sent to you free of cost.Poly-Carpet
    A tough yet attractive polyester non-tufted low pile carpet which has a lifetime warranty and provides the maximum protection for the dashboard and cuts the most glare. Poly-Carpet has been our most popular material choice for years. Poly Carpet is available for all Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers in several colors.

    Molded Carpet
    Very similar to Poly-Carpet, with a thermo-formable backing. Once molded into shape, the material will hold that shape for life. Molded Carpet is guaranteed for life. Designer Velour - The same basic material as regular Velour, but with exciting Designer Prints - including Hawaiian Prints in black, red and blue, Flames, PinUp Girls, Cheetah, Leopard, and Zebra.


    Coverking Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers are constructed using a "zigzag" stitch. Other Dash Covers available on the market are made using a "blind" stitch. Every stitching style has an intended use, for Custom Dash Covers the optimal stitch style is the zigzag stitch. Coverking's zigzag stitch takes more time and is more expensive, but the results are worth the added expense - the stitch acts as a hinge, allowing the cover to contour the surface of the dashboard. A zigzag stitch also allows small pieces to be sewn together, because there is no margin. A blind stitch results in the dash cover curling into the stitch, it attracts dust, it lifts off the dashboard because material is underneath the stitch, and it prevents small pieces from being sewn together - due to the necessary margins. Coverking Custom Dash Covers have been selected over competitors by many automotive accessory retailers for their fit, materials, and construction.

    Find the dash cover thats right for you: