Westin Sport Tubes

Westin Sport Tubes
Westin Sport Tubes add a nice accent to trucks and SUV's while helping to protect the sides of the vehicle. They fit snug up against the vehicle's rocker panel for maximum ground clearance. They especially look great on lowered Chevy/GMC, Ford or Dodge trucks! These tubes are available for a variety of vehicles, including Honda CRV, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Titan and Toyota Highlander. For all models, the tube diameter is sized to match the vehicle. Full size F150 or Silverado pickups, and most midsize trucks like the Ford Ranger or a larger sport utility vehicle like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, will get a 2" tube. The compact vehicles such as the Jeep Liberty or Hyundai Santa Fe, get a 2" tube. Each tube has a .049 wall thickness

The Westin Difference: . . . . .

  • Made of chrome-plated stainless steel for
    minimal maintenance and a long life without rust
  • Ends curve under vehicle for a great look!
  • Mount brackets are welded directly to the tube.
  • Mounts to rocker panel for maximum ground clearance.
  • 2 to 2 dia. 304 stainless steel tubing with a chrome finish
    for maximum rust protection and a brilliant shine that won't fade away.
  • Backed by Westin's Lifetime Warranty!